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Gift Guide 2, Jewels.

Gift Guide 2, Jewels.

Jewelry is always a good idea.  Especially this time of year.  Trends come and go, but a thoughtful gift  becomes a keepsake.  I love a statement piece, but what I love is the pieces that I never take off, that feel a part of me.

For something a bit more intimate, the "Protect Me" and "Fly Together" necklaces and  bracelets, from Hortense, are perfect.  They're like the  pieces I never take off , a gold and diamond disc from Polly Wales, a gold warrior necklace from Communion by Joy, and a Scosha bracelet, Hortense thread bracelet and thread bracelet I picked up at a jewelry shop in Paris.  

 But, If you want to make a statement, I love Lena Skadegard's long pearl and gemstone necklaces,  Marie Chamorel's chokers, and brass cuffs from Crescioni and K/LLer.

For the not so dainty ones in your life, Scosha's  waxed braided bracelets are meant to be worn all the time, a constant reminder of the giver. I gifted them to my children and they never take them off.  I hope every time they look at it, they think of me and how much I love them. 









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