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Election 2016

Election 2016

Living in a western town and having grown up in Texas, there is always a sense of independence and get'er done attitude. As we look to the possibility that we might elect a woman for president (hopefully), I wanted to share a bit of Jackson's political history.

Jackson, Wyoming has the historical distinction of being the first town in the United States to be governed entirely by women.

Women, in particular, were tired of what they considered to be a do-nothing council whose members seemed to care more about their ranches and businesses than improving Jackson’s quality of life.

The election of women to run Jackson was an indication that Owen Wister’s West had changed. The new “petticoat government” took a “demoralized” town and turned it into what Mayor Grace Miller described as a “clean, well-kept, progressive town in which to raise our families.”" (an excerpt from Western Americana)

As they say "A Rooster crows, but a Hen delivers".  Good luck to Mrs. Clinton and let's keep our country a well-kept, progressive place in which to raise our children.



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