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Eastern perfection in a Western World

Eastern perfection in a Western World

Shibui.  Simple, sublte and unobtrusive beauty. This would be how I would described the Japanese collections we admire and curate at Habits. 

Shibui colors are subdued colors with a dark tone. Navy, Brown, Khaki, Olive Green, and deep Orange.  That aesthetic runs deep within the Japanese Brands we currently stock.  

My affection for Japanese design comes from a desire to have a calm and quite wardrobe that is both modern and traditional. Beautifully crafted with exceptional materials. Habits Style.

Chimala, Nicholson and Nicholson, Comme Des Garcons, Visvim, and Pas De Calais all have Shibui.  

Deliberate, meticulous, and attentions to details.  Japanese design and brands are the antithesis of fast fashion.  You cannot make beautiful clothes that will endure not only for the aesthtic, but the material, for the masses.  This is craft and passion. This is the basis for the Habits style and brand. We strive to be Shibui. 





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