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Chat with a Girl Boss

I posted a quote on our Instagram the other day, about lifting up our friends, colleagues, and family in their entrepreneurial endeavors.  Going to their events, applauding their achievements, and supporting their businesses.  My reasons are both generous and selfish.  The generous part wants to give my fellow girl boss entrepreneurs a shout out and share their stories.   The selfish side wants some camaraderie and sounding boards to work out my own roadblocks in this rollercoaster ride of self-employment.

The first in a series of chats with local Boss Babes, I asked a few questions that may seem obvious and conventional, but It is what I wanted to know. 

These two ladies are friends as well as fellow girl bosses.  I am happy to host them this Friday, December 7th at Habits. Stop by and admire Dawn Bryfogle's beautiful creations and Lindsay Emerson's, Housecall Hydration healthful booster injections.  These are the questions I posed and what they had to say.


What was the reason you wanted to start your own Business?

Lindsay- I started my own business because I wanted to be my own boss, make my own hours, and spend more time with my family.  I am a trained nurse and while it is challenging and has a broad range, I wanted to break out of the norm, follow my own vision and help people on my own terms.

DawnThe starting of my business really evolved rather than being a moment in time. The reason I started designing, both in my jewelry and knitting, was to design pieces that I wanted to wear.

 What is your biggest challenge?

Linsday-The biggest challenge has been finding the balance between wanting to work as much as possible and wanting to spend time with my family.

DawnOne challenge is to be taken seriously as an entrepreneur of an artistic business.

Who is your inspiration?

Lindsay- Sounds cliche, but it's my Dad.  He owned his own business and it was awesome to see his hard work pay off.

DawnI am always being influenced by nature because color is such a big part of what I create. And, Ralph Lauren was a very early inspiration to me, although I didn’t see it as that early on. It is partly because of the way he started his business and partly because of his reaching back for vintage inspiration which is a big influencer for me.

One thing you would do differently?

Lindsay- I am not sure there is much I would do differently as of yet.  We are fairly new, so I am sure there will be something down the road, but right now all is going well.

DawnI wouldn’t hesitate to act like an artistic business is real.

What is the best part of being your own boss?

Lindsay -The best part is being able to follow my vision. As a nurse, you are constantly following someone else's orders.  It is nice to follow my own.

Dawn- Setting my own schedule which allows me to have balance in my life, unlike my Wall Street/NYC days!

A parting piece of advice?

Lindsay- Think outside the box.  If you believe in something you can make it happen.

DawnDon’t be afraid to do what you love!

Thank you, Ladies!





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