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Sage de Cret is a Japanese fashion label founded in 2001 that skillfully merges elements of military, workwear, and traditional tailoring. They produce re-imagined designs that epitomize a harmonious balance. Their creations exhibit a meticulous interplay of contrasting textures,  uniquely dyed fabrics, and diverse shapes. What sets Sage de Cret apart is their unwavering attention to detail; whether appreciating the intricate elements up close or admiring the ensemble as a whole, each piece boasts a captivating depth. The brand’s commitment to impeccable craftsmanship resonates through every facet, from the carefully chosen fabrics to the buttons, stitching, and lining. These pieces can seamlessly elevate your everyday wardrobe.

Focusing on the fusion of military, workwear, and traditional tailoring, Sage de Cret is an embodiment of their commitment to both aesthetic and construction. This Japanese brand ensures that their garments are not just visually appealing but also impeccably crafted, aligning form with function. Renowned for their use of unique textiles, Sage de Cret offers a distinct perspective within menswear, infusing rough and utilitarian elements with an exquisite touch to create garments that capture future vintage. 


What is the backstory of the brand and how did you get involved?

We aim to express the art of detailed craftsmanship, from stitching, zippers, lines, and forms to dyeing and materials. The brand’s fundamental concept is based on “Work,” “Military,” and “Traditional,” while valuing the historical background and traditions of clothing. We wanted to create a brand that represents designs that do not adhere too much to conventional concepts and incorporates refined gimmicks.


What is your daily uniform? (What do you love to wear everyday)

I prefer natural and comfortable materials with relaxed silhouettes. I often coordinate with monochromatic outfits.


Where do you seek inspiration? For example, what inspired your last collection?

SAGE DE CRET doesn’t adhere to specific themes for each season. The universal theme is to support men’s wardrobes that reflect their own style and wear it in their own unique way.

Do you have a favorite museum? Why?

I don’t have a particular favorite museum, but I’d love to go camping surrounded by nature and enjoy the outdoors.


What do you always include in your collections? Any prominent re-occurring themes?

Our focus is on planning garments that are “relaxed but noble” and “casual but not cheap.”


How do you feel the brand fits into the sustainability movement?

While we actively use materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester, we believe that the essential aspect of sustainability is creating clothes that people can love and wear for a long time. SAGE DE CRET’s uniqueness lies in its use of materials, attention to detail, versatility, and a balanced mix of trends that other brands cannot replicate.

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