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Menswear Sale! 30% off discount applied at checkout. Ends Wednesday the 17th of July.

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One of These Days has been a Habits favorite for the past few seasons, and its easy to see why. Artist Matt McCormick has been able to capture the nostalgia of the West, and then translate it onto clothing. The paintings embody americana, along with a progressive approach that steers away from classic, hyper-realistic, and romantic portrayals of the american west and cowboys. McCormick, instead, focuses on the feeling that comes along with the forgotten wild west. We love the clothing, and artwork and can’t wait to bring more of these styles to Habits. 

We are excited to be carrying One of These Days at Habits. We believe it is important to stay in touch with your roots, and in our case, the American West. Our employees are Wyoming locals, and Arcy Hawks, Habits founder,  is from West Texas and grew up on horses. Habits will always have a soft spot for the wild west, its part of our DNA. We recognize the importance of knowing where our roots are from, but we are also constantly looking for opportunities to grow. 

One of These Days embodies the spirit of America, but also the human condition, replete with renegades, risk takers and outlaws. Created as artist Matt McCormick’s way to further his creative practice and connect with his audience in a way outside of the traditional art viewing space. McCormick and the rest of the One of These Days team have sought to design timeless pieces that meld the middle ground between fashion and fine art.



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