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VOL. 52


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Our “Old West” Town and the traditions we share. A shift in season, what the “Old West” means to us, and highlights of upcoming events.


This Sunday is the kick off to Old West Days.  A celebration of our Western culture and a great community event. Most Sunday edits talked about fashion, trends, counter culture, and things we have on our minds.  This edit focuses on where we live.  A beautiful mountain hamlet with a rich heritage.  From fur trappers, Native American tribes, Mountain Men, and Cowboys, Jackson Hole has seen it all. The first peoples, The Blackfoot, Crow, Nez Perce, Bannock, and Shosone were all native to this area. Fur Trappers came along next and established this area as Jackson’s Hole.  

Some hardy individuals homesteaded and the cattle industry began.  Not easy in a harsh climate, some ranchers decided to take in travelers and thus began the tourist trade that feeds the community. To pay homage to the people who created this valley, we host the Elk Fest, the Mountain Man Rendezvous, a Pow Wow, and a good old fashioned Chili Cook off.  Who knew chili was a thing back in frontier days. 


The West has a sense of romance. The rugged individual who chooses non-conformity over the pressures of society. Jackson has always attracted this type of person. The die hards and the outliers. Habits appreciates this type of individual. If you have been reading our edits a constant theme runs through them. The celebration of the individual.  We are drawn to the non conformists like moths to a flame.  

So with this edit we celebrate our Western Heritage in the form of rugged individualism.  If you are lucky enough to be here this weekend, come out and peruse the elk antler sale, go to Traders Row, and view the Pow Wow.  Wear your best denim, cool button up, and a well worn pair of boots or moccasins.  Because good western style is timeless. It’s all Habits Style.


As change continues to ride its course in time, there is a new west upon us. In our “Last of the West” town, many of us have experienced much change. At times, it doesn’t feel like the “Last of the West” still remains. 

It’s important in times like these to embrace the celebration of the old west and cherish old traditions. Let’s remind ourselves of the nostalgic western life that was present before us; before the trend of being a “cowboy” became an epidemic. 

“Old West Days” pays an homage to the folk that were here first, the real “Old West”. By continuing to celebrate each year and embrace the rugged landscape around us, we keep the Old West alive. 

We keep the west alive by embracing change but not letting it overcome us. Sticking your boots in the mud and staying true to traditions creates a legacy. To learn from those who came to the west first has much value. Passing on traditions, crafts, and skills. Hunting, ranching, farming, trading, and crafting have all become the legacies and treasures we pass on to the future generations. “Old West Days” is the embodiment of celebrating old traditions and bringing them back to life. 

This week, we bring back the old to our “New West Town” in hopes we can celebrate more of what created Jackson Hole and Wyoming. 

The “New West Days” are upon us, but let us not forget the Old West Days, for they are what created our forever western and beloved Jackson Hole.


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