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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 84 | Future Vintage

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 84 | Future Vintage


We all have one or two or maybe more truly special pieces in our wardrobe, and in this edit we dive deep into what makes these clothes so important.


Words by Arcy Hawks

I am not typically a person who loves to thrift.  But I love amazing vintage pieces. I appreciate things that stand the test of time.  Like fine art and furniture, clothing can be collected, admired, and kept for future generations; some are quite valuable.

Clothing Archives are a valuable tool for all designers, whether in places like The Wardrobe, a studio that houses archive and vintage clothing for designers and stylists to create new collections, or style celebrities with one-of-a-kind pieces, to secret vintage shops that are coveted and only open to certain clients. Clothing archives are more popular than ever and are a wonderful way to promote a circular economy.

Archival fashion can be a springboard for brands to recreate or learn how something is made. The construction, the fabric, and the cut can be inspirational to many.  A great shop in Paris, Brut Archives, has a huge warehouse of early Americana and military clothing that will let you check clothing out for design projects. These archive houses and studios serve a great purpose in inspiring and recording fashion trends.

While most clothing ends up in landfills or polluting the oceans, clothing with meaning, expertly made, and enduring style is worth keeping.  The clothing you buy from Shien, Zara, and any other fast fashion brand is definitely not being stored in the archives. 

As Habits Style continues to evolve, we are developing our own archives.  We have decided to hold onto some of the rarest and finer pieces we deem worthy of keeping for our own inspiration.  We hope you find a piece at our shop and put it in your own personal archive.  If you do, we know we did a good job. 

Next time you come in, let us take you through the beginnings of our archive and why we feel these pieces matter. 


Words by Milli Dawson

We always talk about our staples from Habits. The best denim from Chimala, great shirting from Sofie D’Hoore, and Sunray Tees that will last you all your life. We value the good staples that Habits offers but we equally value the very special pieces Habits carries as well. The special pieces, one of a kind, and treasures you will savor for all of your life. are just as important.

Whenever I buy a special piece, I think to myself “I am shopping for future Milli”. These pieces are the pieces that I gravitate towards when going to a special occasion and treasures I know I will carry with me my whole life.

My favorite special pieces from Habits:

Visvim Skirt

BODE cow sweater

Emori Skirt

Comme des Garçons blouse

Reese Cooper BIG pants

Naja Pendant from FoothillsCA

Visvim Silk Dress


Words by Cade Hawks

Whenever I buy clothes I am not really looking into what is trending, but rather looking at what I am missing from my wardrobe, and most importantly, what I will love for years. Right now my closet is kind of bursting at the seems, so I am not buying any new clothes for the time being.

This is letting me dive deep into pieces I may have forgot about and starting to breath new life into them. I am understanding new ways to shop my closet and put outfits together that I would not have imagined. I would not be able to do this as easily if I solely bought into fast fashion trends. Now days it feels like trends come and go almost instantly, and buying for just yourself can feel rebellious. Avoiding the social pressure to get the latest colorway, or newest shoe and investing in the piece you know you will love for years is well worth the investment. Some of my favorite pieces that I know I will have for years are my Chimala denim, Sunray plain white tees, Reese Cooper wilson boot, Nanamica cargos, and my reese cooper black hoodies.

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