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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 76 | Goodbye Westbank

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 76 | Goodbye Westbank



On Friday, we said goodbye to our Westbank location. It was bittersweet but we are excited for what the future holds for Habits. Check out some of our favorite memories.


words by Arcy Hawks

There is saying, “One door closes another one opens”. 

While the door to our Westbank location is closing, our town doors remain open.  This is the literal version. The aforementioned inspirational quote has more meaning as it gives way to more opportunities.  One of my dear friends and client sent me a podcast about Positive stories and how you can view your story in either a positive way or a negative way.  Both versions are there for you to write but it is up to you to decide which it will be. 

I am not a negative person by nature so of course my story will be a positive one.  I have had some clients lament the closing and telling me they are sorry and I must feel so sad.  I don’t feel sad or sorry for myself.  I only feel bad about the opportunities and possibilities that the Westbank location held.  It could have and could be, a gathering place for art , music, social interactions, innovative creators, and just a lovely place to enjoy a glass of wine or tea. But those are still things that Habits can create and that is what is exciting. The new possibilities are quite endless. 

Habits has always been about new and innovative. A little outside the norm and I love that.  We will continue to do so.  Having one space to curate is even more exciting for me.  I have always felt the larger the growth the more diluted the product.  There will be changes to our original concept along with small leaps. I hope you follow along with us and remember ‘When one door closes another one opens”  Thank you all you lovely people who made Westbank a special place. 

Thank you: Jonnie Henderson, Gideon Legros, Carrie Geraci, Quinn Lilistrom, Cade Hawks, Millis Dawson, Peta Rubin, Samara Khofler, Sam Winship, and our amazing neighbors. 


words by Milli Dawson

Life on the Westbank was sweet. We accomplished so much. A beautiful space with warm light and great clients. Perfect neighbors and endless events. We got to share more Habits and it was so great.

As we center back to the one store in town, we will take our great accomplishments with us. Starting fresh and keeping Habits true to what it has always been. An intentionally curated shop in Jackson, WY a little world in our small town.

I fell in love with Habits at the Westbank. I started working on the Westbank before I worked in town and I loved every bit of it. It was a beautiful space and some of my favorite clients are the ones I met on the Westbank. It felt like a niche community out there. Persephone Westbank fueling all of us with coffee, sweets, and french fries. Daily visits with my favorite next-door neighbor girls, Katie and Joanna. Nest neighbors. Our lovely photographer Kristina Loggia snapped my pic and made me feel beautiful. The Westbank quickly became home.

As we leave, these are the things I will miss the most. I won’t be missing much else because truly, there is not much change other than that. We are eager to hone in on the town location, continue to host events, show art, and buy the most beautiful and intentionally made clothing and goods from around the world. The Westbank doors will close but we will meet you in town and continue the party!


words by Cade Hawks

I work remotely in New York City so I did not spend a ton of time at the Westbank store, but I have fond memories. The most prominent memory I have is that the Westbank was the location of our menswear launch party. We started carrying mens about a year ago, and it has been a journey since. The party was nothing too crazy but a ton of amazing people showed up. Friends and family all excited to see what Habits’ next step was going to be. Since then our Westbank location has been a place to gather, host, and lean into whatever fun ideas we may have. I will miss that location, but more excited for what the future will bring.


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