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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 71 | Wardrobe Fails

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 71 | Wardrobe Fails


When our clothes unexpectedly fail and 

what you can do about it.



Wardrobe Fails.  We’ve all been there. From poorly constructed clothing to poor choices. This Sunday Edit pokes a little fun at these fails and how we would remedy the situation. This edit like most of them came from a conversation and experiences.  Talking about how those pesky no show socks never stay up, to a story of a certain person(me) leaving for a buying trip to NY and taking all the worst undergarments possible because I didn’t get to do laundry in time.  If I hadn’t had pants on my underwear would have been laying on the side walk in soho.  

Poor choices are things we sometimes can’t avoid simply because we don’t think they are poor choices.  This isn’t a Glamour Don’t moment, and if you remember this I see you.  It’s more about getting out of your comfort zone a bit and trying new styles. Which, I guess could lead to more poor choices. Hmm.  How about the poor choices we make and realize that and set about to change them.  

Buy some good underwear, forgo the no show socks, get the good sweater, don’t wear leggings unless you are just coming from the gym,  I know we live in a place where everywhere is a gym, but try something new.  Put a pair of comfy jeans or a stylish track pant in your gym bag and put those on after. Throw out all those dingy bagged out t-shirts, and if you must wear denim with stretch,  don’t over wash them.  This is what is killing them.  The last wardrobe fail and I will probably get roasted for this one, is the fur pom pom hats. Once that piece of fur or faux fur get a bit wet it looks like a rat died on your head.  Just don’t do it.  A big yarn pom pom is so much nicer and looks great. 

I hope we didn’t offend you and we wish you a life of no wardrobe malfunctions.  I for one am going to go buying some good underwear in bulk.


“No Show” socks that truly never stay up - Invest in good socks that will last forever and feel so great. Try Hansel from Basel. So cute you don’t want to “no show” them!

For us, leggings are a wardrobe fail.  This gym or yoga staple should stay there not everywhere you go. But if you must, make it chic. Want to elevate the way you wear leggings? Try Isabel Benenato’s leather legging; stylish, chic, and comfortable!

Tired of See-Through T-Shirts? We are too! Try Sunray, thick organic cotton, made with the upmost intention and perfect fit. Go braless if you dare, there is no evidence!

Oops, did your favorite pair of denim rip? Made with 100& cotton, there is no room to rip in Chimala’s. Classic denim made to last through the toughest of times!

Pills on your sweaters and not the happy ones?  While all natural fibers will pill to some extent the higher the ply and quality of the sweater will determine how much.  Invest in a good sweater comb, lay your sweaters flat, reduce friction from heavy handbags, and hand wash with a wool/cashmere soap. And of course buy the best sweaters you can afford.  We personally love Extreme Cashmere.

Basically what we are trying to say is, its worth the investment. Whether its undergarments, denim, tees, or sweaters nobody likes having a wardrobe fail. At Habits, we try our best to avoid these mishaps, but things happen to everyone. Its part of life, especially when you love clothes. So next time you are out shopping and debating between the fast fashion ten dollar white tee versus the eighty dollar one, go for the pricier one. It may hurt in the moment, but we guarantee you will get more wears out of the more better quality one, and without any fails. 

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