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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 65 | Habits Style

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 65 | Habits Style

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How we style. From our curating our space, to ourselves there is intentionality everywhere. Read on for what our process looks like, and hopefully you can find some inspiration.



Words by Arcy Hawks

It’s our hashtag, our mantra, and what we think sets us apart.  I see Habits as a brand. I hope that when you see someone with habits style you think “That is so Habits”.  I see them walking down the street, eating in restaurants, and coming into our shop.  Confident, a bit quirky in a good way, stylish without effort, and current. It could be as simple as a great pair of denim, topped with an old tee, wearing great jewelry, and a simple pair of ballet flats.  Maybe there’s an oversized shirt worn open over a tight ribbed tank, baggie chinos that pool a little bit around a chunky sandal, strands of tiny gold chains that have been collected over the years.  Perhaps a long voluminous skirt with a well loved tee bought at some strange little place along a roadside, and worn with a heavy pair of hiking boots. All of this is Habit style. The unexpected with the familiar.  

As we grow into ourselves we start to see #habitstyle emerge. You come to us not for something you can easily buy online but for the piece that might make those jeans a bit cooler. You might get a bit more daring and try those baggie Chimala jeans. But in true Habits style we wouldn’t let you take those to the extreme.  We would suggest you add a white fitted Frank and Eileen to bring back into your comfort zone.  Maybe you want to wear the oversized men’s shirting that is happening, well we could certainly help but again we would bring in a skinny cropped flare pant or jean to make you still feel good. Habits style isn’t about being so trendy that is becomes a costume but a style.  While we embrace more of a fashion vibe, we know that living in a mountain town is a casual lifestyle.  Habits Style is more about incorporating high fashion with our daily life.  

Styling is essential to any well put together fit. Anyone can put on a t-shirt and jeans.  It’s what you do with it beyond that silhouette.  Chinos and a button up= boring.  But with a few tweaks and an added accessory it goes from bland to bam.  A vintage belt, a fitted blazer, an oversized cardigan, a chunky loafer and maybe just a great pair of large hoops. Hannoh Wessel is one of our best selling brands.  He designs the best blazers and shirting. One piece from his collection adds style.  R13 denim is funky and a bit punk.  Fit properly it can turn your old button ups into a hip version of jeans and a shirt.  Color pops are also a great way to invigorate a wardrobe.  Orange, Pink, and Green add flavor to subdued basics. A sweater vest, scarf,  beanie or shoe let you play with color without a big commitment.  Lastly, the perfect accessory is a great pair of cool shoes.  Adding strong color or great silhouette on your feet can finish an outfit and tie it all together.  We have these lovely velvet slippers, chunky boots, and beautiful loafers. Just adding this to your closet can make a plain Jane outfit sing.


Words by Milli Dawson

Habits Style means so much to me. I consider myself a stylish person and I have for the majority of my life. I have always loved new trends, breaking “Fashion Laws”, dressing ethically, and purchasing quality pieces but it wasn’t until I started working at Habits that those things became my religion. 

Arcy has created “Habits Style” and she embodies all that it means. Incredible denim, beautiful blouses, quality staples, the best shoes, and a remarkable eye for styling are all the Habits Style endures. Habits Style allows for individuality with the basis of layers, quality, and a great pair of boots. 

To me, what separates Habits Style from most other styles is intentionality. When you walk into either Habits location, everything is placed as if it were in a museum with the utmost of intention and belonging. This translates to buying trips when Arcy hand selects every single piece in the store from designers all around the world. When you put something on from Habits, it is full of intention and curated style. 


Words by Cade Hawks

In French, Habits roughly translate to clothes, or how you dress. It used to be used to describe a uniform, something you wore every day. Habits style for me is effortless, personal, beautiful, and functional. Most of my pieces from Habits I am able to fit into my everyday wardrobe to create something unique, while still being comfortable. It is really hard to beat a pair of Chimala denim with a simple white Sunray tee. An effortless outfit with beauty sewn into every stitch. The Sunray tees are woven on vintage looms in Japan, and Chimala denim is designed and handmade by one amazing designer. Both use the best possible fabrics and processes to deliver a beautiful product that does not shout for attention. 

To me, that is Habits style. As the menswear buyer, I bring this ethos throughout the collection. I understand that getting into fashion can be intimidating for people who are not already in it. I want the pieces at Habits to be approachable, yet inspire people to branch out. My everyday uniform is a pair of green, baggy cargo pants from Nanamica, or a good pair of denim, a white tee (a striped tee if I want to stand out more), and a good pair of sneakers or boots. Layers are essential for elevating any look, I love stacking my silver chains including my vintage Saint Christopher, and Scosha chain from the Habits jewelry cases. A good layering example is an oversized stripe shirt underneath a hoodie and a pair of baggy pants. A pair of good denim, a vintage tee with a good pair of boots. You can’t really go wrong with Americana, and classic styles, but be sure to give them a personal or modern twist. Throw on a cool cardigan with some old army pants and a chunky loafer, or a 50’s style tee with big pants and a cool sneaker. Playing off the classics to determine your daily uniform is what Habits style is to me. Timeless, and functional, with your own little twist so you know its unique to you. 


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