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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 63 | Climbing in Jackson

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 63 | Climbing in Jackson


Being located in Jackson, Wyoming we are closely connected to the outdoors, and especially climbing. We are excited to bring in climbing inspired pieces for this fall.



I married a climber. I lived on and off in a van chasing the ultimate crag and perfect weather.  Climbing is part of my history as it is so much a part of this valley.  This Sunday Edit pays tribute to that heritage as we welcome the latest brand to our shop, Gramicci.  

Climbers are a rare breed.  Climbing is also a very needy sport. To excel you need time and lots of it. Time on the rocks and mountains.  There really is no such thing as a part time climber.  It requires all of your time, strength, and endurance.  I was fortunate enough to have a little bit of time to hone this skill.  I never achieved the level of my husband and all his friends. But hung in there enough to have a respectable showing. I was the newbie in the group of old friends. World class climbers that have scaled Everest, K2, and climbed 5.14.  It was a crash course in climbing.  I didn’t fully understand the scope of their abilities and gratefully they never made it known.  The learning curve was steep but honestly, the best way to start an intense sport. Ignorance is bliss.  I didn’t know any better and all the crags we went to had no climbs for beginners. 

Climbing became our universe as my husband guided in the Tetons and we opened one of the first indoor climbing gyms in the country.  We became a community gathering place for old school traditional climbers to young brash international climbers. We breathed and lived it.  Climbing was good to us.  As time went on and we started our family the time needed to stay in our places was fading.  We tried to stay involved but as I said climbing is a needy sport and we were neglecting it.  We no longer climb but honor the legacy of this valley.  My son has decided to start this sport and maybe someday he will live in a van and give into the greedy sport.  He will have to be dedicated but he is already smitten, so I think he might just succeed.  

In honor of this legacy we our proud to bring on of the OG climbing brands back to the Tetons. Enduring style with great tradition is as always Habits Style.  Please join us for a Gramicci pop-up starting August 11- the 18th.  Both location.  We will host an evening to view the collection.  Stay tuned and follow along on instagram for more updates or sign up for our emails.



The world of climbing has always surrounded me and from a young age, has felt like a very normal and natural activity. Right around when I was born they opened the first climbing gym in Jackson Hole, and much of my childhood was spent running around the gym. My parents were so deep in the climbing scene that their good friend, Yvon Chounaird made them a piton by hand. They were the first retailer to carry Arcteryx in the US. Our good friend Brooke helped start Metolious. Needless to say they helped make climbing what it is today. Nowadays I split my time between Jackson and New York and try to get climbing in as much as possible. 



I basically live in Sunray Tees and Gramicci pants during the summer. It is the perfect combination of comfort and function. It is my go-to outfit for climbing, and still looks good outside the gym or crag. 

Both of my parents were impressive climbers, sending some of the hardest routes in the country at the time. My dad was part of the Stonemaster’s and the whole scene at Camp 4 in Yosemite and climbed with the best in the world. The Stonemasters were pioneering a new way of rock climbing. A strong focus on strength, style, and true adventure. My dad was pushing limits and sending routes, and his friends were always trying to find the best, and most functional gear. Most people wore painter pants, army surplus, or Yvon Chouinard’s rugby jerseys. During this time, Mike Graham saw the need for a strong, flexible pant that functioned.  “A diamond-shaped gusset found on a pair of kung-fu trousers was added to the crotch for full 180 degree flexibility, whilst hard-wearing canvas kept things sturdy when the going got tough. To keep the shorts fully secure, a nylon webbing belt was integrated into the waist. Taking cues from backpack straps, this cunning feature allowed the shorts to be adjusted with one hand, whilst the elasticated waistband kept things comfortable” (Gramicci). After a few years, Gramicci found popularity in the streets of Tokyo and eventually the brand moved production to Japan. Today, Gramicci has been re-introduced to the US market and making its mark in the world of functional fashion. This month we are excited to bring Gramicci back to Jackson and the local climbing community. Since being produced in Japan they have introduced a lot of amazing styles from tee shirts to jackets to the pant that made them famous. They have become a staple in my closet and my go to pants for climbing, and the best shorts for the summer. They are durable, stylish, and comfortable. Timeless silhouettes, and functional style, that is Habits Style. 


The Grand Teton is the highest and most iconic peak of the Teton Range, a spectacular mountain chain that rises abruptly from the valley of Jackson Hole in Wyoming. Climbing the Grand Teton is a dream for many mountaineers, but it is also a challenge that requires skill, courage, and perseverance. The history of climbing the Grand Teton is full of fascinating stories, achievements, and controversies.

The first people to reach the summit of the Grand Teton were probably Native Americans, who left behind stone circle on the western subpeak known as the Enclosure. The first recorded attempt by Euro-Americans was made by William Owen in 1891, but he only reached a point between the Lower and Upper Saddles. Owen was determined to be the first to climb the Grand Teton, and he returned several times with different partners. In 1898, he finally succeeded, along with Franklin Spalding, Frank Peterson, and John Shive. Owen claimed to be the first person to climb the Grand Teton, but his claim was soon challenged by Nathaniel P. Langford, who said he had climbed the mountain in 1872 as part of the Hayden Expedition. Langford’s account was vague and inconsistent, and many doubted his veracity. Another contender was William Kieffer, who reported an ascent in 1893 with two soldiers. Kieffer’s claim was also dubious, as he did not provide any evidence or details. 

The controversy over who first climbed the Grand Teton lasted for decades, and was never conclusively resolved. Owen defended his claim vigorously, and even erected a metal plaque on the summit in 1930 However, some modern historians have suggested that Langford or Kieffer may have reached the summit before Owen, or that Owen may have climbed a different peak by mistake. The truth may never be known for sure.


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