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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 61 | Hot Days, Cool Evenings

THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 61 | Hot Days, Cool Evenings

hot days, cool evenings


Summer has settled in. The days are finally hot, and evenings are mellow and cooled down. Let’s sit down and enjoy our Summer while it lasts.



It’s hard to talk about summer vacations when you live in a place know for vacations.  But the current buzz is if you aren’t in Europe you aren’t anywhere.  Seems a bit pretentious, but who wouldn’t want to be lounging on a beach in either France, Italy, or Portugal.  Seems everyone is heading there these days as the pent up travel bugs are free to roam the country once again.  As the restrictions of covid seem a distant memory more and more people are opting to travel abroad.  

A summer getaway is seldom an opportunity for someone who’s busiest season is summer in a tourist destination.  This has its upside. I travel in the off-seasons with less crowds and better rates. But nothing beats a hot day on the water followed by a cool evening stroll to a lovely cafe. Mid day napping and wine with lunch.  I do not like crowds so I have been researching lesser known places that tick all the boxes for me.  A little hiking, followed by a swim, then a lovely meal.  All in a quaint setting of a town. I am not one for hopping around from place to place.  I would probably rent a little apartment or house, stay put for the whole vacation. It takes me a couple of days if not more to settle into vacation mode. The desire to get up and do something is strong and it’s hard to shake it off. 

Packing light is key to a stress free vacation. You wouldn’t want to lug around a large trunk down cobble stone streets or a narrow winding one. I’ve been there as I struggled to open the door to my airbnb while my luggage rolled down the street. I would pack a couple of light dresses one black and one white, a skirt to throw on over your swimsuit and a long sleeve light cotton shirt to keep the sun off your shoulder and also use a a cover up. A light cardigan and scarf for the evening, ballet flats, sandals, and a good pair of walking sneakers. All that would coordinate beautifully with everything else you bring along. Of course if you are doing a bit of hiking one lightweight pair of shorts, your swimsuit top and that versatile long sleeve shirt you packed. A sun hat and of course a couple of pieces of lovely non precious jewelry. Think silver or brass. Leave your fine gold at home or pick up something on your travels. 

Of course this wouldn’t be a Sunday edit if we didn’t also talk a bit about responsible travel and how more and more countries are struggling with the surge of tourists.  Venice is suffering and most recently EU is adding a travel visa application that must be approved before being allowed into Europe.  Living and working in a tourist area reminds me of what to do and no to do.  Being polite and learning the local customs as not to offend your hosts is imperative.  While in the states we might not think it’s impolite to ask for coffee without a thank you or a hello when walking up to the counter, but this small gesture in most places is a welcome and appreciated gesture and seen as rude if not done so.  Learn a few simple words in whatever language in the country you are visiting. Hello, Good night, Thank you, please, and Good Morning.  Be mindful of your presence in their home and treat everyone as you would want to be treated. Bring home a lovely treasure that will always remind you of your stay. I hope after reading this you are busy making those summer travels plans and I hope you bring along a bit of Habits Style on your trip. Bon Voyage!


Ahh, how we all dream of that European Summer. Warm days spent in the South of France, white wine, and long lunches. The perfect sundress and wandering walks. The sound of bustling cities from the corner café in Florence. Summer vacation is on and we are dreaming about it. 


Southern France

Full of fresh produce and delicious wine, this feels like the true vacation spot. Long days in the sun, winery tours, tasty cheese, and fresh salads. This is the place we go to relax, reset, and finish that book we’ve been carrying around for a year. 


Florence, Italy

Time in Florence is always so precious. There are treasures to be found, lots of gelato to be eaten, and art to sail new inspiration. Florence leather markets are full of incredible finds. Every Italian restaurant welcomes you with open arms and ends your evening with delicious limoncello. This feels like the place to be seen. 


Barcelona, Spain

Streets are filled with live music and the passionate Spanish are found sitting on curbs with wine and sangria. It feels very romanic to be in such a colorful city full of wonder. This is a city to let loose, dance in the streets, party a little too much and enjoy that Barcelona air. 



I would start packing like I always do, with my 6397 black cotton dress. When I pack for Europe, I mostly pack neutrals and try to make my packing align with what a capsule closet would be. The dress is a staple as is my black cotton Gramicci skirt, and my Frank and Eileen blue button up. I always throw in a Sunray Tee or two as well as my black Sunray crew neck. I tend to pack solids with a blend of textures that can all layer and work well together. The hot days spent adventuring call for a sundress for me. I love the breeze and not being bogged down by a waistline or heavy pants. In the evening, typically the dress transfers well for sipping on wine at sunsets but I always make sure to throw a sweater in because I have a tendency to be chilly. 

– Milli


On vacation, I love a blend of adventuring and then relaxing. Lately, I have been dreaming of Italy. A sleepy morning, a breakfast with fresh fruits, bread, and a classic Italian Macchatio. I would love to more time in Portofiono or Sorento, wandering down streets, poking into every niche shop, or small museum or chapel. Long lunches are my favorite. Pastas, salads, more coffee, and wine with great company is all I dream of on vacation. Post lunch, you could find me sitting on the beach with some shade and a good read. The cool down of the evening would be making dinner at home. Candlelight, the smell of fresh foods from the market, and late nights spent in the cool evenings outside with loved ones. I will dream of this day, but for now, Habits will be here to provide you with all your vacation wardrobe dreams!

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