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VOL. 48


Exclusively at Habits


How highly functional outdoor clothing has inspired the latest trends and movements in  in the fashion world. 


The name gorpcore comes the classic trail snack, good ol’ raisins and peanuts. The style pulls directly from the outdoors and technical clothing. This ranges from hiking boots, to gore-tex jackets, to functional baselayers. It seemed to come as a reaction after the pandemic. People were forced to reflect on the world around them, which led to a more widespread awareness of the impact of climate change. People began to see more value in our natural world, especially since they were not allowed anywhere else. For many, this was a whole new world. Not only were they learning about nature, but also the culture that surrounds the outdoors. 

People were quick to realize how comfortable, and functional clothing meant for movement was, and dove in head first. Athleisure showed its dominance for a long time for comfortable wear, but lacked sophistication and variety. Gorpcore offered people a broad enough trend so people could freely express themselves while being comfortable in basically any condition. 

Being located in Jackson Hole, Habits and our customers are no strangers to the natural world and the influences it has had on our lives and community. It is interesting seeing a style that has cemented itself as the uniform of the valley start to influence the fashion world. For example, the original climbing brand Gramicci is quickly growing in popularity. Gramicci was founded in the 80’s by the stonemasters of Yosemite. It was popular among us the niche crowd, and eventually was sold to a Japanese company. Gramicci has since come back in full force. Gramicci provides highly functional clothing with a fashion forward approach while holding true to their climbing roots. 


Gorpcore is of course rooted in the outdoors aesthetic, but the underlying trend that keeps gorpcore alive is function. Now that people have experienced clothes that have technical aspects that work in their favor they are reluctant to go back. Not only do these garments provide unique functions, but also tend to be more comfy than “normal clothes”. For example, a wide leg pair of pants made from a thin moisture wicking material is going to be more comfortable on a hot day than a pair of jeans. Companies realize this and have now developed these functional garments in eye-catching and fashion forward styles. 

This is seen in major brands, from outdoor companies to some of the biggest fashion houses. Another example is the extremely popular Gucci X North Face collaboration. It was so successful they have run for a few seasons. Salomon footwear now has their own fashion forward line that takes all the aspects of their mainlline but with more unique silihuettes and colorways. Arcteryx has followed a similar route releasing their System A line. The clothing garuntees the same level of quality as their mainline items but re-imagined in a baggier, streetwear-esque look. Reese Cooper is abrand we carry at Habits, and they have found an amazing job of elevating gorpcore into a new market. His Wilson Boot is beautifully handcrafted from Italian leather, and features a thick Vibram sole. It can easily be worn in the streets of New York, and also at the trailhead.

Japanese brands have seemed to master this marriage of function and beauty. We mentioned Gramicci (coming this fall), but also Nanamica, and Sage de Cret all utilize functional fabrics and techniques in their collection. Nanamica’s designer and founder used to design for The North Face, and now is able to seamlessly tie Gore-Tex into sophisticated looks. Sage De Cret also utilizes unique fabircs and silohuettes to provide a comfortable, durable uniform that can be worn daily. This is Habits style, functional beautiful clothing that can be worn forever.

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