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THE SUNDAY EDIT VOL. 101 | The 333 Challenge


3 Tops  -  3 Bottoms  -  3 Shoes
More than 27 outfits.

Who's Up For The Challenge?

Words By: Arcy Hawks

Packing for a trip is always daunting. What do I bring, should I carry on, should I check? What is the weather like? What if I get invited to a formal event? What if I fall into the Seine? There goes two of my 3 3 3.  I can be an overpacker.  Business trips are the hardest for me. It is the fashion business, and you want to be professional and stylish. We always travel in the spring and early fall. This makes it harder to know what to pack. It could be raining and cold or you could have beautiful warm days.  Paris in March is a rollercoaster of weather.  It can be cold or sunny,  we are there for at least ten days, we have a bit of downtime, so we need casual clothes, we like to have at least two nice dinners, and we walk a lot.  This time proved even a bit trickier as we went to flea markets where you don’t want to wear anything precious, and it rained all day.  I would say, for me, shoes are the most challenging part. They take up a lot of room, and you need a walking shoe, a stylish shoe, and an extra in case one gets rain-soaked. They also have to look good with professional clothing.

 I challenge each of you to do a dry run. We will go through our closets and choose three tops, three bottoms, and three pairs of shoes and see how many combinations we can come up with. One thing I have noticed about traveling is that I can wear the same thing a few times. I wore Vivsim jeans for several days with the same sweater this past trip to Paris. 

I found this exercise so much fun!  The 333 choices and outfits are probably the easiest, starting with a neutral color scheme. Black, Denim, and Khaki.  I did not show the cheat items I would wear on the plane: a plain white tee, comfy joggers, a wool cardigan, and a lightweight coat.  I created 18 outfits for at least two weeks of travel.  Not including the cheat pieces I wore on the plane could add three weeks of outfits.  This was quite an eye-opener, and, honestly, how I will pack from now on. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge.  It is an excellent way to shop your closet and be creative.   A little cheat is considering what you wear on the plane as an extra piece or two, depending on the weather.  Remember, think outside the box a little.


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