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The sunny side of spring in the mountains, what we look forward to and how we style our way to summer. 



It is finally here. Whether you were in Jackson Hole, California, or any place that had the most unpredictable weather patterns it was a doozy. Because of this, Spring is such a welcome site. The days are long, the snow is melting, green grass is showing and the sun feels amazing.
Spring in the mountains is a magical time. Go down any ranch road and watch in awe as calfs and foals drop new from their mom right before your eyes. Spring breathing life into our deep winter sleep. I am so ready! Getting our shop ready for Spring is another thing all together. We are still not given up our sweaters or boots just yet. Because it is the mountains, so it could snow at any moment. I think this time of year is the hardest to style and dress appropriately.
Layers are highly recommended. Cardigans, vests, a light puffy are key to surviving Spring weather changes. You might be duped into putting on that great summer-like dress but you better have a chunky sweater to throw on top. Spring is the best time to purge, reset, shed the winter blues and feel the wonderful sun on our faces. We look forward to firsts. The first farmers markets, the first flowers of the season, and the first non-muddy hike trail. Are doors are opened for Spring with new items arriving daily. Come see us and add a new fresh piece to your closet. habits Shop Habits


There is something that has always felt special about Spring in the mountains. The air changes, the warm breeze comes down the canyon, and the sun gets gradually hotter every day. After long winters, hope returns to the people of the mountains. Our home in the mountains gives so many of us the opportunity to reset and enjoy our home transform into the busy season. Native flowers pop up, the snow melts, baby animals are everywhere, life begins again.


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Habits summer favorites

Slow foods in the Tetons.

There is nothing better than Teton Slow Foods in the summer. Supporting our local community with delicious produce is something we look forward to in the summer. The stands began to fill with seasonal fruits and veggies and wholesome quality foods that bring our tables some color and sweetness. Slow Foods connects us with a variety of ways to shop locally grown goods - from their online marketplace, to The Peoples Market every Wednesday, to the Farm Stand on Thursdays & Fridays. Go online to view their summer schedule.

Florage Farms.

We are fortunate enough to have fresh locally grown florals so accessible in our valley. Florage Farms is on of our most favored floral farmers. Each week we are excited to see whats on the truck and the variety we get to choose from. Shopping local for flowers is not only great for our community but they also last longer in our homes. You will find all the florals in Habits sourced from Florage Farms. Arrangements curated by Fluerettes by Habits will be available soon! Be sure to stay connected for pop-up dates & more this summer.

Jackson Hole Farmers Market.

One of the most highly anticipated all summer long long events is the Jackson Hole Farmers Market. Wether you are a tourist or a local, you will find yourself at this more than once if not weekly. This Saturday market allows the community to come together, shop locally grown foods and experience new trucks and tents full of delicious cheeses, pies, artisan breads, flowers, jams, and more.
JH Farmers Market:
July 1st - Sept. 30th 
8am - 12pm