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Why we Love them. Pas De Calais

Why we Love them. Pas De Calais

Fall collections are arriving and we always look forward to our selection from Pas De Calais.  

A Japanese brand with a french name. Pas De Calais has been a part of the Habits brand since we first opened back in 2011.   Yukari Suda designs the collection from New York and produces the brand in Japan.  Inspired by the landscape and lifestyle of the Pas De Calais region of France, the collection derives its color palette from the subdued shades of white, khaki, grey and coal black. Natural fabrics, beautiful details and a perfect color story that Habits fully embraces not only from Pas De Calais but from most of our designers. It's a Habits thing.  

Yukari Suda started the collection in 1998.  She does not follow trends  Something we fully appreciate.  The Pas De Calais buyer is ageless, natural and has her own unique femininity.  This is why we 'Love this Brand".  It speaks to everything we love and want to bring to our little corner of Jackson Hole. 

pas de calais  


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