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Pas-de-Calais, Northern France.

Drawing inspiration from the illustrious “Dentelle de Calais,” celebrated as one of the world’s most exquisite laces, and the cliffs of Dover, Pas De Calais weaves together a narrative of delicate heritage, an outdoor ethos, and breathtaking landscapes that define its essence.

Within the Pas De Calais label, the beautiful blend of purity and nostalgia intertwines seamlessly with modern casual design, creating a romantic contemporary universe that captivates the soul. The designer creates a perfect blend of traditional dyeing techniques with cutting-edge advancements. They use the finest cotton, linen, and silk, and even create their very own signature textiles. These natural materials seamlessly come together to create a wearable collection that exudes comfort and elegance. The color palette mirrors the serene hues of the surrounding landscape, enveloping shades of ecru, sand, khaki green, chalk white, dove gray, and coal black. All of which is designed, and produced in Japan so you know the quality is some of the best in the world.

Pas De Calais proposes an artful harmony of casual silhouettes, each meticulously tailored from wholesome fabrics, and embellished with subtle details. As you explore our curated selection, you’ll uncover a world where tradition and innovation merge effortlessly. Pas De Calais thrives in their heritage and style, creating something that is truly future vintage.

What is the backstory of the brand and how did you get involved?

In 1998, during the booming economy in Japan, there were many glamorous and extravagant clothes available. However, I couldn’t find simple and comfortable garments that I personally wanted to wear, and that’s how it all began.

What is your daily uniform? (What do you love to wear everyday)

A comfortable blouse from Pas de Calais and pants.

What do you always include in your collections? Any prominent re-occurring themes?

Themes related to soil, earth, and the connection with nature.

How do you feel the brand fits into the sustainability movement?

We use botanical dye, natural dye, organic cotton, and recycled yarn. Our fundamental principle is to create products that have a low impact on the Earth. We also avoid overproduction, as some brands still engage in the wasteful practice of discarding unsold items.

Where do you seek inspiration? For example, what is inspired your last collection?

Inspiration comes from my daily life. The theme of the 2023AW collection is “Love.” I often wonder why people can’t be kinder to each other, whether I’m watching TV or riding the bus.

Do you have a favorite museum? Why?

The Japan Folk Crafts Museum. It is a place where I can cherish the beauty found in daily life and focus on the concept of “clothing, food, and shelter,” with an appreciation for materials and creators. It’s a place I love.

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