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Habits Reclaim


At Habits we want to do our part in the sustainable fashion movement. We carry designs from all around the world, made with special care and detail, and with uses of quality fabrics and finishes. These garments deserve to keep living even when a garment has expired in your personal closet.

Do you have a garment in your closet that you purchased at Habits? Do you find yourself no longer in need of that garment?


If yes, bring your garment back to Habits. We can then discuss if the garment can be considered second hand and can be left with us. For every one item you bring in and we keep, you will receive a 15% discount voucher. That discount voucher can be applied to any one in season item at Habits. The voucher expires after three months of initiation and can’t be applied to sale items or promotional items. Only one discount voucher can be applied per order. You will be able to use your discount voucher in store and online.

1 Reclaim Garment = 1 x 15% Voucher

2 Reclaim Garments = 2 x 15% Vouchers


Our mission is to be a part of the sustainable long-lasting movement within the apparel industry. Doing our part with the moto of creating longevity within each garment, providing avenues to enjoy beautiful designs longer and promoting less mass fashion.


Habits Reclaim will keep reclaimed goods in store and hold a standing monthly reclaim sale at our store location. A discounted 'best fit' price will be determined by Habits. We will be donating and recycling any item that has exceeded their time on our sale rack.  

Monthly Reclaim Sale: The 15th of every month.

We encourage you to reach out to Habits if you have more questions on Habits Reclaim or if you want to learn more information on what ways you can participate in sustainable acts within the fashion industry.

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