De Bonne Facture

In the words of founder and desinger, Deborah Nueberg, "de bonne facture" is a French expression describing a way of doing things well. It is a word that can be used for a poem, a piece of furniture, a piece of clothing. It is a way of saying that designing is inseparable from manufacturing, and that a certain form of integrity can be respected in the way clothes are made today. 

Clothing is closely linked to nature, to agriculture where the fibers stem from: the cotton and linen flowers, the thistles that were used to brush flannels, the wool from the sheep shorn by farmers. Some textile regions keep cultures of craftsmanship alive. They are often linked to their landscapes and the activities of their inhabitants, like wool in Brittany, close to the ocean, or wool and leather in the Tarn, in the Midi-Pyrenean. Paying a tribute to these local cultures of craftsmanship, highlighting « made by » without being limited to a country, is central to my philosophy.